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3 Year Old Mature Goji Root Stock


 This is a root cutting from a mature 3 year old Goji Berry Plant root cutting. Although all of our root cuttings will produce fruit the same year you plant them, the older the root, the large the plant, therefore more berries. 

Three year roots is our most popular. Once the root takes hold it will grow rapidly. Three year roots produce the most berries the first year and triple in size after two seasons 


Please know that no two roots are the same size and these are live root cuttings. Some are longer, some shorter but they are true to the age of the plant. Some 1 year may be longer then the 3 year. It's based on the thickness and maturity of the root, not on the size. We recommend that you soak your root in water overnight, plant in regular potting soil, not with peat moss.. Keep them watered daily until leaves appear. If you live in a very dry area I recommend a product such as Soil Moist 

You can plant  goji root any time of the year. In summer it will produce leaves and probably fruit if it has enough time, depending on your area. These are fruiting age goji plant roots. In the fall you can plant for spring or in the winter you may consider planting your root in a container until spring. Goji Berry plants are very easy to grow.

We ship once a month. Remember you can plant these almost any time of the year. Contact us by phone and email before the allotted shipping time takes us away from important work and if time consuming to look orders up. We will happily answer any questions about care via email within 24 hours, however looking up orders takes us away from our work and to a computer to look up your order. If you are in a hurry then we ask you not place an order until you are able to wait to receive it. 



We start shipping the end of April. We then ship the orders we receive first in line. We don't ship all orders at once. Starting in April it could take 4-6 weeks. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for your root. . Remember these are live roots.



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